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Septic System Installation

MID TN CES specializes in the installation of new septic systems, catering to a range of residential needs from 3 to 5-bedroom systems, as well as larger commercial installations, both conventional and engineered. Our licensed and insured services extend across Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford, Cannon, and Coffee counties in Tennessee.
For those embarking on construction projects in Middle Tennessee, MID TN CES stands ready to expertly manage your new septic system installation requirements. Drawing on our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, we guarantee efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our proficient Tennessee septic installers ensure precise installation, promoting your comfort and satisfaction in your residential or commercial space.
To initiate the process, we kindly request that customers possess a valid septic permit from the TDEC Division of Water Resources before reaching out for a quote. Please note that septic tank pumping or cleaning services are not within our offered scope.

We DO NOT offer septic tank pumping/cleaning.

Septic System Installation Middle TN
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We are licensed under the State of Tennessee as a Limited Licensed Electrician #48401 

We are able to do most residential electric work and pull permits.

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Concrete Retaining Walls

We offer several concrete services. Our specialty is concrete retaining walls and basement foundations. We will also do house foundations, steps, and side walks if a larger job requires it.


We DO NOT offer large concrete flat work IE driveways or slabs

Concrete Services Middle TN
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We specialize in excavation work and own/operate all the heavy equipment to complete projects affordably.

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Gravel Drives and Parking Lots

We are experienced at everything from residential gravel drives to commercial parking lots. We own and use a vibratory roller compactor on all our gravel projects.

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We are able to re-level or grade your land with our dozers and skid steers. Whether residential, commercial, or farm we can shape your land however you wish. We own and use a harley rake on all our finish grading projects.

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Land Clearing

We are able to clear wooded lots quickly with our dozers, excavators, skid steers, and brush cutters we operate.

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Utility Trenching

We own/operate several large excavators down to a mini-excavator and back-hoe. We have experience doing water, sewer, and electric trenching both residential and commercial.

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Hydraulic Rock Breaking

We own/operate a 2500lb class hydraulic breaker for our excavators. We are able to break and remove the hard limestone rock in this area.

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We are able to demolish existing structures and concrete. We are able to remove materials from site.

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Storm Drainage / Water Control

We have experience with commercial storm drainage down to residential french drains and water ditching.

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We have experience with engineered commercial/residential retention ponds down to home and farm ponds.